LP Keow, Wat Sampanmaiken

Article 1:
Luang Pu Kaew is very well known for his long time practice of Buddhism studies and white charms. Luang Pu Kaew is unrivalled and incomparable for half of the century and he is highly praised for the experienced mastery in exceptional spell and magic usage. This was due to Luang Pu Kaew’s several years of pilgrimage and deep meditation practice. He has attained the strong supernatural knowledge that his meditation overcomes all demons and evil powers entirely.

His seventy over years of priesthood describes how he has made numerous holy pilgrimage roaming through multiple deep forests and mountains to study science of spells, Buddhist charms and occultism. During those times, Luang Pu Kaew had practiced Dharma and the transcendent virtues so vigorously that he had succeeded in sharpening supernatural knowledge and has accumulated thirty years of valuable experience and knowledge in the today’s world.

Luang Pu Kaew also practices the transcendent power of tranquility meditation in Kuan Khao Haeng Cemetery, which is an isolated place deep in rubber forest in Jana district well known for its highly populated by devilish spirits.

There was a true story that Luang Pu Kaew has encountered about an evil spirit, which had died and vanished a long time ago. During those days, many people were unaware of evil spirits that exist around in the world of passions and desires.

It was told that there was a family living in Tamode District of Patalung Province. They lived happily together until one day when their daughter returning home from a business trip and became sick. She fainted continuously without any significant reasons. Her whole family was shocked and immediately brought her to seek for medical assistance.

However, she seemed to be a totally different person after returning home from the hospital. She looked horrible and was harsh in her speech. She started asking for raw meat and ate it like she hadn’t eaten anything for years. She was no longer her own self. She spoke badly and nonsensically just like being lunatic. Her parents suffered from her sudden change in her behavior and felt that they had lost control of their daughter. They came to believe that evil spirits obsessed her. Therefore, they started knocking doors around the village to seek for competent black magicians to help their daughter. When the black magicians came in, they chanted spells onto her and the evil spirit ran out of her body during the ritual. The family was relieved to see that the evil spirits is gone and the bad times for her daughter were over.

However, days later, the situation got worse. The evil spirits returned and was obsessing the daughter’s body again. This time, the family came to know that there was a man who was shot to death behind the village which they resided in. Their daughter had walked pass the spot, which this man was shot dead, and the spirit of this man was attracted to her charm and wanted to take her as its wife.
The family was in great anxiety when they knew the violent spirit wish to take their daughter as its wife and was afraid that it would end their daughter’s life so as to capture the spirit of their daughter. Her parents begged the spirit to change its intentions to rake away their daughter’s life by giving offerings to the spirits but nothing seemed to help. The spirit showed no regards to the family’s pleas and insisted what it wanted to do their daughter.

Her parents traveled to anywhere that they knew of reputable black magicians and invited them to help their daughter. However, not even a single one could overcome this harsh evil spirit. The black magicians casts spells but none of them worked and led to the evil spirit becoming more daring in its evil doings. Many spells were casted, holy water being soaked and ritual ceremonies conducted but still could not drive away the evil spirit. Many of the black magicians could not find any way to defeat the evil spirit and eventually run away from the family.

Although some of the black magicians were experienced and had strong spells casting power. The demon would pretend to be driven out and after sometime, it returned back to harm the girl again. Surprisingly, even when the daughter wore plenty of amulets and charms, it did not affect the evil spirit from possessing her.

The evil spirit took rally in getting the daughter from her life and that made the girl nearly lost her mind in intense fear and terror. When the spirit came obsessing her, she would be just become unconscious and sensed nothing of her human body. Until the spirit left her then she could got her consciousness back.

For a total of three painful years that the violent spirit and it were torturing this poor girl turned her into its slave for its evil doings.

The family finally came to know Luang Pu Kaew and seek for his advice. Since Luang Pu Kaew did not get to see the evil spirit’s miraculous power and the family was residing far away in the remote Tamode District of Patalung province. It was impossible to know exact location of the residence and to learn about the characteristics of the spirit, which was obsessing the daughter. The family had doubts whether Luang Pu Kaew was able to defeat the evil spirit and cast it away from their daughter’s body.

Luang Pu Kaew went into deep meditation state and when Luang PU Kaew drew his mind off from his concentration and relaxed himself, he told the family that their daughter had been relieved from the evil spirit pester. Overjoyed, the father kneeled down before Luang Pu Kaew and thanks him for saving their daughter. The family then quickly took leave to return home to see if their daughter is fine.

Within a month, that family came back to pay homage to Luang Pu Kaew at the temple of Saphan Meikaen with happiest faces and informing that the daughter is perfectly well. They told Luang Pu kaew that after that day, no evil spirit continue to possess her anymore. They thanked Luang Pu Kaew for showing mercy and helped the daughter.

The above story is about an evil spirit, which obsessed the girl in Tamode District at Patalung province. It reveals the spiritual power that Luang Pu Kaew possesses as miracle from the highest-level practitioner of Dharma. The story also indicated the truth that the evil spirit died under abnormal circumstances became of his short allocated span of life due to paste misdeeds and cannot be reborn. Therefore it gone in the deep suffering blinded by desires and lusts and anger.

Without the righteous virtues and guidance of Luang Pu Kaew, this spirit would be drowned into the eternal pitfall of lustfulness. Whether this evil spirit can be reborn is up to its fate and is something beyond the knowledge of anyone.

Article 2:
Luang Pu Kaew, the great monk of the temple of Saphan Meikaen, Jana District, Songkla province. He is the greatest monk of all with widespread reputation about his shining supernatural knowledge and his powerful strength of magic spells. The brilliant Diamond of the Southern land. Luang Pu Kaew is the auspicious Thai name known as the Great Wishing Crystal.

Luang Pu Kaew, the divince diety of all supernatural charms and amulets, devil-defeated coins, tukruts and charmmark lucks, showing the mighty power of world-shaking wonders when six lives were saved unbelievably from the religious terrorists’ destructive bombing.

The news was widely spread about the merciless bombing situation amidst the crowd-massed tourist attractions in Bali, Indonesia. The coldhearted terrorists tickled a big bomb in one of the entertainment outlet, causing a few hundreds of tourists’ death. However, there were six lives that had escaped from death and without any injuries.

This piece of incredible news really shook the world and these people were questioned what really saved their lives?

It was later found out that all the six person who survived from the bombing, are faithful to Luang Pu Kaew. They admitted themselves as being Luang Pu Kaew’s disciples at the Temple of Saphan MeiKaen, situated in the deep forest of Jana District, Songkla Province. They had themselves cast with a holy blow on their heads by Luang Pu Kaew, which was believe to contain protective blessings. They were also given some charms to wear.

The amulets from Luang Pu Kaew of the Temple of Saphan Meikaen have been proved by many critical events and life threatening experiences. They are well known and become widespread accredited not only in Thailand kingdom, but also among foreigners of different religions. They have witnessed the happenings themselves and respected wholeheartedly and faithfully in Luang Pu Kaew.

The amulets and charms created by Luang Pu Kaew are regarded as the best incomparable amulets in half-century period of time. It protects and guards against all the devils and mishaps.

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