Second Batch, Wat Chang Hai Amulet, (Rian Roon Song)

The second batches were the group of medals which were made in the year 2502 B.E They have 2 type as follow :-
1. Oval Shape
a) Khai Pla Yai
– “Mai Malai”
-”Old Facial Appearance”
-”Sai Fon-Rain Fall”
-”Young Facial Appearance”
b) Khai Pla Lek
– The first type
– The second type
-The third type
2. Sema Medals
-Normal type
– Khi Klak type
The oval medals were made of gold, mixed gold-copper. Luang Pu Thuad’s faces of the type Khai Pla Yai, Mai Malai and Old Facial Appearance were nearly the same, but for the type Young Facial Appearance, their faces were changed. For the type Khai Pla Lek, the face oof Luang Phor Thuad was similar to the type Young-facial Appearance and the type Block Khit Nai of sema shape which were built in the end of the year 2502. B.E
The second batches had been very famous over twenty years. There was a bus driving pass Khao Phap Pha. The car was out of control and fell down the mountain. All the passengers in the bus were dead except a ten years old boys who was alive and the fact was he had a second batch of medals with him “Khai Pla Yai”.

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