3rd Batch, Wat Chang Hai, ( Rien Roon Sam )

The Third Batches Wat Chang Hai Medals ( Rian Roon Sam )

the third batches were the group of medals which were built in the year 2503-2504, both of the Oval and Sema-shapes. their types were imitated from the “Khai Pla Lek” thype 3 of the Second batches which were the last batches of the year 2503 B.E.
There were many types of Sema type rian , so we have to group them for 2 years. The remarks of the some medals were the similar of Luang Phor Thuad’s face and the difference of Archan Tim face’s . Because the factory which made the images had changed some block when they were damaged.
The third batches comprised of
1. Gold
2. Silver
3. Enameled Silver
4. Copper
5. Alpaka
The third types possess miraculous virtues in experiences especially the escapade from dangers and the invulnerability, for examples :-
1) During the time when there was a war at the borders, about 7-8 Thai people were shot, so their pick-up car was out of control and fell down on the road. The thai people were hit and shot. They were dead except a man who had the 3rd batches of Sema-shape on his neck was alive.
2) A young man in the North was shot during driving his jeep outside the city. The jeep was turned over many times , but that man wasn’t hurt a little bit , and the fact was that he had third time Sema medal with him.

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