The First Batch ( Roon Raek ) Of Luang Phor Thuad Nur Wahn ( 2497 )
They were made in the beginning of the year of 2497 B.E by Mr. Anan Khananurak who consulted with Archan Tim on the 4th of February 2497 B.E and become the patron of this batch. The purpose of making this batch was to distribute them to the people who contributed some money for the construction of Phra Ubosatha of Wat Changhai.
The Components
They were maded with 32 kinds of substance such as many kind of wahns , many kinds of soils , many kinds of pollen, etc, but the main component were wahn and the black soil “Kak Ya Kak”
Phim for the amulet
– Large Mold ( Phim Yai )
– Middle Mold ( Phim Krang )
– Small Mold ( Phra Rod Type ) Phim Lek , Phim Rod
These 3 batches made from 16 molds or 16 types of Luang Phor Thuad’s facial appearance which means the 16 buddha. There were begun to mold from the 19th March – 15th April 2497 B.E. About 64,000 images were produced out of 84,000 images expected at the outset.
The moulds were made of lac and they were changed into news ones when damaged.
The Consecrated ceremony
Its was held on Sunday , waxing full moon of the 5th month , of the 18th April 2497 B.E which was an auspicious day to consecrate the charms , amulets and other amuletic objects. The most venerated monks participated in the ceremony were such as Luang Phor Sod of Wat Pha Kho, Luang Phor Dam of Wat Sila Loy, Luang Phor Nong of Wat Saikow , and Archan Tim of Wat Changhai.
The Amuletic Components
There were many colourers like brown , gray and black. Some of them were rough , some were delicate , Some of them passessed white or brown grim of Wahn on their surfaces. The other significant remarks are focused on minerals on their backsides.
There were a lot of the imitation / duplicate in this batch. At present , the large type of wahns substances is cost as much as Phra Benjapakee, so the imitation . duplicate skill is developed a lot. Some of the mentions that they are nearly like the real one to 95%. In the eyes of expert they found different because of following facts :-
Time Cap
Luang Phor Thuad is lasting for more than 50 years of ages , the substance of the amulets have changed a lot so the imitation canot be made as the old one. They have use the scientific material to mix such as colours ot some chemical substances to make the image look old but there are unlikely the real one.
The true substance or components
There were a lot of mixtures counting to 32 kinds which nobody knows all of them. So the apperance of the imitation / duplicate canot be similar as the original masterpieces.
The modelling techique
The imitation of Luang Phor Thuad would mix with wahn and when the mixture dry , they would subtract to be smaller than their molds. It’s not possible to make a model to the same size as the original mould.
From the factual reason stated above, Luang Phor Thuad 2497 is not difficult for one to study and consider which is real which is fake.

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